The Woolen Yarn Manufacturing Process

Woolen yarn manufactured in our Spinning Mills is weaved and the woven yardage is sent for finishing. This yardage is washed/ carbonized to destroy the hard fibers in it and sent for milling. The milling process facilitates shrinkage of the fibers and gives the fabric it’s characteristic felted and wooly feel. The fabric is then washed again to get rid of the unwanted chemicals. It is then dyed and the dyed fabric is put in a stenter. Here, with the help of steam, the fabric becomes uniform. The fibers of this are first raised and then sheared. In the end this fabric is put in a rotary blow, a kind of steam press in layman terms, which helps the fibers to settle and makes the fabric ready to be used.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Woolen Textiles & Yarns

Our Associate Companies:

BVM Yarns – Spinning Mills

DRM International – Spinning and Weaving Mills

Dee Jay International – Sales office

Dee Jay International – International and Domestic RMG Brand Sales

New India Woolen Textile Industries – Sales