Our Team of Highly Qualified & Skilled People

We work in a very structured manner. Our Team Structure is made up of Account managers, Product Development Merchants, Production Merchants, Fabric/Garment Quality Assurance Personnel and Logistics Managers.

The Account Manager manages an order with specific customers. This is done to make sure that the manager learns and understands the customer’s requirements and consistently meets the customer’s expectations by holding the rest of the team together. Our Product Development Merchants manage sampling for our customers. Every sample is checked before shipping to the customer. Once the samples are approved by the customer, the Production Merchants receive a production go ahead in a handover meeting to facilitate knowledge transfer between the Product Development and Production Merchants. During the Production, we conduct multiple Quality Inspections when 30%, 50% and 100% of Production Process is complete. It is only after a complete check do we finalise the Packing List and necessary Paperwork to ship the products to our customers.

We have a well-established logistics network to send the products by air or sea to our customers located in different parts of the world.